P.E.T. Bottle Recyclers have found that PET Bottle necks enjoy premium in market compared to PET BOTTLE FLAKES. It is also the fact that conventional methods to cut off PET BOTTLE NECKS prior to grinding of PET Bottles are not economical. Hence these necks are seldom separated from Bottle flakes. Existing technology of separation by air is used successfully to augment this problem. It is achieved by creating air bed on which flakes containing harder pieces of necks are spread and made to move in opposite direction due to difference of Bulk density by giving required slope to the air bed.

Every pass separates 98% of Bottle necks at the neck end and around 2 % of Necks remain in PET FLAKES. If one wants to achieve almost 100%, then one can pass the material two times through the machine.

Inbuilt separator with automatic sieving machine is offered with this. It enables processor to separate PET BOTTLE NECKS from PET BOTTLE GRINDING in first operation. After PET BOTTLE NECKS are collected at one side, flakes fall on the opposite side directly on vibrating screen which separates these flakes into three different sizes of choice. Normally above 15 mm, between 10 and 15 mm and less than 10 mm are three sizes which processors separate. Central suction blower with pipes provide optimum suction on flakes to remove floating impurities (lighter in weight – such as paper pieces, dust and PVC pieces).


Inlet                                                : Rectangular Hopper
Sieve Area                                      : App 1.5 Square Meters
Central Suction duct                        : App 1.5 Square Meters
Suction Blower                                : 3.7 KW
Air Bed Creation by blower             : 3.7 KW
Flakes Guiding Pan                          : One
Bottle Neck Guiding Pan                  : One
Vibrating Screen                              : 8’ X 4’made of Stainless Steel
Vibrating Motor                               : 2.2 KW
Perforated Screens                          : 2 numbers
Bore diameters in each screen          : As per customers’ needs of size of flakes customers require.
Electrical Control Panel                    : With all required electrical utilities with required safety features
Output                                             : 350 to 450 kgs of Flakes with bottle Necks can be processed to
                                                          Separate Bottle necks from Bottle Flakes

Commercial Offer

Complete machine with Hopper, Separator, Guiding pans, perforated Air Bed, Air Suction Chamber, Central Suction System with ducts, aspirators, Air-distillation chamber, Vibrating Screen Frame, Two Perforated Vibrating Screens of Stainless Steel, Three electrical motors as mentioned in specifications. Our offer doesn’t include PVC Pipes used for air movement for collection of dust and lighter impurities because the length of PVC pipe depends on physical location where the machine will be installed. Entire machine will be packed in sea-worthy packing.

For Price                                         :  Please contact: info@polyindia.com
Payment Terms                                :  50% Advance by TT and Balance by Irrevocable Letter of Credit
Shipment Time                                 :  within 60 days from the receipt of advance amount

Valid Of this offer                            :  One Month from the date of offer.

For more details, Contact
E mail: info@polyindia.com

PET Bottle Neck Separating Machine


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